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If you have never practiced boxing before and want to learn boxing from scratch Hop Hop is for you. Like all contact sports and martial arts, sports boxing has a learning curve that can represent a challenge at any age, especially if you are not in the habit of training regularly.

The objective of the Hop Hop boxing club is not to learn to fight or hit hard, but to improve your life through discipline, improvement, perseverance and, above all, good vibes. Don’t settle for just training, live boxing as an authentic experience regardless of your age, your experience or your physical condition.

Any time is ideal to learn boxing from the beginning! Keep swiping!

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Tutorials to learn boxing

In this section you will find some videos where you will learn the basic concepts of boxing, its techniques and sports equipment. This material is exclusive to the Hop Hop boxing club and is designed for all those who want to learn boxing from scratch or have started practicing it recently.

You no longer have an excuse! Start training boxing at your own pace by learning the basics.

Putting on the bandages

Learn how to quickly put bandages on your hands.

Hit the boxing bang

The basics to learn to hit the bag with efficiency and precision.

Rope jumping

Everything you need to know to jump like a true pro.

Do you want to learn more?

Try a free class! This is the best way to try boxing in first person. Hop Hop classes are varied and are aimed at men, women and children alike.

The training plan is adapted depending on the group. In your first boxing classes you will always be accompanied by a partner who will help you at all times.